New relationship equations - ARTICLE

Today’s relationship model is being redesigned.

The divorce rates are very high:

In the western hemisphere, a couple has 50% chances of being divorced within 7 years!

Second marriages last even less.

Couples tend to go through the relationship cycle much faster.

Why is that?

The individual integrity is much stronger now than it was 100 years ago.

Everyone wants to succeed as an individual as well as within a relationship.

The truth is that today, you don’t need the relationship or couple structure to survive.

You can make it on your own financially and emotionally.

If you decide to split, your material security is usually not threatened.

Divorces are not exceptions any more.

They are as frequent as marriages.

The challenge is that social structures did not fully adapt yet to this new relationship environment.

The marriage model is very ancient and the idea of separation is not integrated in it.

Couples still do marry for life.

They don’t say something like:

“Look, let’s try it for 5 years. If by then, we are still happy together, we’ll renew our marriage contract, okay?”

The ideal “together forever” picture still exists.

However, reality is often very different.

The relationship cycle is simply much shorter now than it was 100 years ago.

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