Relationship power - The core qualities you need to express to build up harmony in your relationship - ARTICLE

Here are some of the core qualities to keep in mind:
  • Validation/Recognition - This is your ability to validate your partner and get validated by them
  • Financial contribution and balance
  • Task sharing - Kids education - Household
  • Trust
  • Fun
  • Sex
  • Priorities - Partners must be number one for each other - Complicity with each other - same priorities with family travels and assets for intance
  • Common vision - Exciting perspectives
  • Tolerance + Respect
  • Individual power - The fact that you are in a couple doesn't take a way your ability and pleasure to function as an individual if needed
  • Connection with the rest of the world - Social life
  • Love + Validation as a couple from family and friends
  • Etc.
This is only a fraction of the possible qualities you can have in a relationship.

You can ad more qualities you feel are important for you.

Next step? You can give your couple a mark (0-100%) in those various areas.

You might for instance score 100% in sex but 30% in household sharing.

If you quantify the quality of your relationship, it will quickly show you the areas you can work on.

It's a good excercise to do if you feel something frustrates you but you don't know exactly what it is.


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