Should you talk about sex issues? - ARTICLE

If you are not used to talking about sex, take small steps.

Ask him questions about what he likes.

Tell him about a fantasy you might have.

Tell him what you enjoy the most and what you might like to try one day.

Complicity on the sex level is essential.

You can get immensely closer when you know and respect each other's secrets.

Be subtle with it.

Being rude or lacking refinement about sex issues can be a massive turn off.

Shop for some lingerie together.

Give him feed back about what he does right with you.

Play role games.

For instance, one night decide that you will lead the whole evening.

Another time, decide to explore new positions or new places to have sex in your house.

Cook a refined meal and share it with intimacy.

Experiment with aphrodisiacs and see what works and what doesn't.

Dare to be sexy and express this in words and with your body language.

You don't need to talk dirty.

Tell him about aspects of his body or personality that turn you on.

Tell him about your senses and what wakes up your passion.

Ask him questions about that as well.

“When do you feel truly alive?”

“When is the moment you enjoy life the most?”

Dare to look into each other's fantasies.

Remove taboos and dare to talk about the very limits of what you could do or not do.

Talk about the possibility of an open relationship and what you would do it this was happening between the two of you.

Remember that fantasies are okay and healthy.

You don't cheat when you dream.

Most fantasies are okay as long as you don't put them into practice.

Talk openly about threesomes or other aspects of your sex life you might feel excited about.

Again, this does not mean that you will put it into practice; it simply means that you dare to open up to each other.

You become true accomplices in each other's dreams.

Should you force it? No need to.

Simply dare to stretch the limits of what you share without being afraid of what you might unveil.

It is okay and is a natural expansion of the awareness you have of each other.

Enjoy your sex life!

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