We had sex all the time – Now not even once a month - ARTICLE

When you first meet and in the "romantic period" of your relationship (usually the few first months), the priority is about connecting with each other.

Once you get married, the priorities tend to shift: you focus practicalities, security and comfort.

You both know you don't have to "work hard" to seduce the other: you are already together.

This means that you start neglecting the relationship and stop feeding and consciously nurturing it.

It happens by itself.

Most couples do face a slow down of both their sex drive and level of intimacy.

If you want to reawaken this lost passion, the goal is to empower your sexiness.

You don't do things for him; you do them for yourself first.

You shift priorities: it's not about your house, comfort or practicalities.

You are first a lover.

This means that you give yourself the priority. You put yourself in your best light. You energize your life and being and make sure you radiate a message and a being he wants to embrace.

If you discover aspects of your being which are unattractive, get rid of them. Get rid of old clothes.

Start dressing more sexy and trendy.

Invest in your appearance as much as your character, personality and skills.

A shift does not happen overnight.

This is definitely the first step.

After that comes openness and dialogue in your relationship.

But we'll talk about this on another post.

Remember that the first priority is you.

You need to feel sexy and gorgeous first for yourself.

Develop a body and life attitude you love.

Do what it takes to be magnetically attractive.

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