The number one strategy to keep him interested - ARTICLE

Maintaining a high level of interest and curiosity towards each other is a key relationship skill.

He will loose interest if he feels that there is nothing new in your relationship.

If you want to keep him interested, the goal is to surprise him and stretch the natural limits of who you are and what you share with him.

There are always double standards in his mind.

On one side he wants the mother of his children to be decent and non challenging. Basically, he calls for security and stability.

On the other hand, a part of him wants to be wild and passionate.

That's a more instinctual aspect of his nature.

When you have been married or in a relationship for a few years, you can be trapped in this comfort zone where renewal stops flowing.

You want to reawake that stream of renewal.

It does not need to be big drastic steps.

You can trigger his interest by truly going for sexiness rather than comfort. You can bring back passion and flirt with what you share by breaking the rules of the "house hold" and slightly challenging him.

You don't need to be all devoted to him.

This is not something you do for him.

You do it for yourself first.

If you have children, you need to take more of a lover's role.

This means that you radiate flirty energy.

You dare to wake up your senses and stretch your limits in this direction.

You want to bring a fresh stream of life force and inspiration into your existence.

If he sees you going to the gym and having new fresh goals in your life, he will quickly wake up to the idea that your presence is not only about a comfortable relationship.

It is about ambitions and challenges as well.

If you express new qualities for him only, there is always the risk of him rejecting what you have to offer. He often does not have the energy to validate you.

So, if you want to renew the way you relate to each other, you have first to renew the way you relate to yourself.

You break trough established patterns in your life and relationship.

You dare to follow new inspirations and desires of the moment.

If you have a life long dream, dare to follow it and tap into it.

Take extremely good care of yourself and in a way, dare to be selfish.

If you are a devoted house wife, break the patterns and start putting more energy into yourself.

This does not need to be a "complete make over".

You can give yourself a nice treat at the hair dresser.

Some sexy lingerie makes you feel gorgeous.

The moment you feel gorgeous, this makes him feel like a man as well.

Remember that keeping him interested is only partly about sex.

It is first about life force.

He responds to your radiance.

He responds to your energy.

If he seems stacked in his life, stretch your own limits and establish first new patterns in your life.

Once you wake up new powerful streams of refreshing inspiration in your life he will find it easy to follow up on what you started, especially if he notices that it's for the best of your relationship.

Practically, what do you do?

Give first attention to yourself!

After years of marriage, your being might have merged so strongly with your family life that you even forget who you are as an individual.

Your needs can be lost in a sea of practicalities and other worries.

You believe that being a good wife or partner means putting your kids and family first and “sacrificing” yourself.

At least, this is what society tends to project.

This is an old outdated and boring model.

Well, here is a secret: you are the key to all that.

You and your partner are the central pillars of your family.

You started it!

You deserve to feel fulfilled on all levels of your existence.

This is why it is time and okay to shift priorities.

You come first!

Spend resources and money on yourself first.

Practicalities can come second from now on.

Invest into aspects of your being which make you feel special.

Invest in your body and mind.

Take a course on personal evolution or life fulfillment.

Give attention to your career or business.

Energize your social life.

Reconnect with old friends.

Do some "clean up" of your past. Get rid of clutter.

Change your diet! Exercise! Join online forums.

Do what it takes to feel great about yourself and who you are.

Noticed one thing?

The question was: "How to keep him interested?"

The answer is: give attention to yourself.

Show him you matter.

Show him that you are top priority in your life.

Loving yourself is the best way to encourage others to love you as well.

The way you relate to yourself tells a lot about the way you feel about yourself.

Energy and confidence are extremely magnetic!

If you are not sure what your new goals or life targets are do some "soul searching".

Dare to look inside and ask yourself who you truly are.

Rediscover your goals, ambition, confidence, excitement and fresh energy!

These are the qualities you want to wake up.

Don't expect him to feed your world.

You own these qualities. They are part of your being.

You need to be able to manifest them with or without him.

He must know that you go for it no matter what.

This means that you don't ask for his permission.

All these aspects of your being, you owe them to yourself first.

It is your birth right to express them.

Don't let anyone or anything put you down.

If you ask him for permission, he will often tend to retreat in the comfortable area of what he already knows.

Breaking relationship patterns takes trust and confidence in yourself.

If you want to awake the power of attraction, remove anything you feel is unattractive in you. Do it!

Dare to express the full radiance of your being and give yourself all the tools you need to succeed with that.

Think like that: invest 10% of what you earn or the house hold income into yourself: gym membership, new dress, new skills, social life, etc.

It takes focus and determination to break through any comfort zone.

Take at least a few steps every week which brings you closer to what you could call the ideal you. This is the first step: YOU!

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If they were somehow taken away from you, it might time to put up a good fight to manifest them back.

Remember that you and your partner are the designers of your relationship.

You decide what happens next.

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