Wake up your passion, fun, pleasure, delight and desire - ARTICLE

Once your relationship is secured what intensifies what you have with your partner is the pleasure, fun and passion you can share.

We enter here into a new field which is much more intimate. I hope it is alright with you... :-)

Love and sexual attraction are present in you, right?

Don't withdraw them. Express them fully.

Dare to be sexy and seductive with your partner.

There is a place in the relationship where you can be like children and satisfying your deep desires is part of that.

Dare to be sexy!

Dare to express your life force in its full dimension.

Talk to his senses and simply unleash the flow of your passion, desires and sensuality.

No need to be overwhelming though. Simply don't hold it back. Unleash it.

There is a garden of pleasure in what you share. No computer, no work, no problems, no issues in there.

It is based on beauty and love.

This is the territory of deep refinement and tastes.

This is the area of your sensuality.

Talk to his senses. Use fire, scents, and freshness.

Go deeper in these topics...

· Tell me more about pleasure and delight... What do these words mean for you? (feel free to use a more "poetic" language for that if you want to... wake up your senses)

· Are these qualities present in your life and present in what you share with your partner? Tell me more about moments of pleasure you share with him and how it wakes up your senses

· What does the word sexy mean for you?

· Do you consider yourself sexy? Do you want more of this quality in your life? What would you do to invite more of this in your being?

· Tell me more about beauty and refinement... Where do you recognize these qualities in your life and in what you share with your partner?

The idea is very much to stretch the territory of your relationship and expand it in all directions.

You can infinitely expand the romantic and sensual side of your couple while growing as well in power and trust.

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