When you break up, the main question in your mind will be: “Why?”

The main reason people break up is because the relationship becomes too limiting.

Your relationship was simply not giving your ex what she wanted.

She decides to move on and look for it somewhere else.

It can be because of fights.

It can be because you two simply explored everything you could together.

You simply run out of possibilities.

The main skill to keep relationships going is called renewal power.

It is the ability to challenge each other within the relationship.

Renewal power brings in new qualities.

You consciously go beyond the limits of your comfort zone.

Too much security kills the magic and spontaneity.

Security counts only for 1/3 in the relationship’s equation.

The rest is thrill, excitement, challenge, romance, change, renewal, etc.

A relationship’s life cycle tends to be very short nowadays.

In the western hemisphere, marriages last 7 years in average.

It is quite common to be madly in love for a year and then suddenly enter into a cycle of fighting with your partner.

The relationship’s space seems to “saturate” and you simply end up being on each other’s way.

What happens there?

Too much control!

Control is a limiting force.

It asphyxiates your relationship.

Control is the best way to kill your partner’s joy and pleasure to be alive.

Why do you tend to over control?

Because you want to protect the relationship.

You want to keep things together.

This is why you might decide that being jealous is okay.

Another common limit in relationships?

Lack of passion and challenge.

Basically you get bored.

This happens to millions of couples around the world.

The “security” dimension is not enough.

A couple needs new refreshing energies.

Waking up the passion in a relationship is a skill!

Find the answers!

Another common relationship challenge is facing conflicting interests.

You don’t agree on key relationship issues.

Here are the most common sources of disagreement:

Marriage and commitment
Life style
Spending behaviors
This is about your break up.

The key is to find out exactly what was missing.

Simply get your answer.

Of course, you can perceive behind these “reasons” a vaster reality or underlying dynamic.

You might summarize it by saying: “it was not meant to be”.

We talk about destiny lines here.

Your life is an intelligent entity which designs pathways of evolution.

Some doors open up and others do close.

Sometimes, it is only after a couple of years that you truly see why a door needed to be closed so that a new one could be opened.

Destiny line!

Your life vision!

A break up is part of your

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