Why micromanaging your partner will destroy your relationship - ARTICLE

Imagine having a boss watching over your shoulder and correcting your every move.

How does that feel?

Do you like it?

Of course not!

When you micromanage your partner the exact same thing happens!

You kill their power, creativity and initiative.

You tell them in a subtle way that you don't trust them.

You might be surprised to see them withdrawing emotionally and not be too keen for sex after that.

It is logical.

People don't like it when you rob away their power.

What's the right balance?

Well, even if your boss corrects you one time, it can already feel VERY draining, right?

Same with relationships.

Here is a simple golden rule you can apply:

If you want to educate your partner, focus on telling them what they do right rather than what they do wrong.

Got that?

This is a key to create complicity and get rid of tensions.

To your couple!

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