Key challenges facing couples today - ARTICLE

95% of women affirm they are stressed.

What happens when they get home?

Does that stress go away or do they meet a partner who will pressure them even more.

What do you want to experience when you get home? Peace or fights?

Of course both men and women are very stressed. I mentioned the 95% of women because that's an example I read in a recent survey.

This stress that people feel is usually transfered on the couple when the evening comes.

For instance, you might face tensions at work with a colleague and project these tensions on your partner when you get home.

See how it works?

It might be pressure from a boss or customer. It might be coming from in laws, an ex or a close friend.

It might simply be the pressure from society in general or an inner perfectionist drive inside of you.

The point is that all this pressure is usually still there when you interact with your partner.

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