You are not a victim - You are a winner - ARTICLE

There is a risk when you break up: it is the risk to feel sorry for yourself.

Friends, family and even your ex might project on you this aura of pity.

Kick this out of your mind.


Capitals, exclamation marks!


I am screaming!

Shift your mind set!

You life is open in front of you.

You are free!

Sure, you had other plans.

Sure, your dreams did collapse.

Sure, she’s gone.

Sure, you loved her.

Is this the end?

No way!

Why Not?

Because there is a magical force in you:

It is called survival drive.

You have the power to recreate your life any time, anywhere.

Use your resources!

You are not a victim, you are a winner!

You are free and space is open in front of you.

If you go into the victim mode, you are done.

That’s the end!

You are not a victim.

You don’t need nurturing and people feeling sorry for you.

Sure, some compassion and understanding are okay… So, how long will you stay in it?

Give yourself a week.

1 month maximum!

The best?

Mourn in 1 day!

And rejoice!

Yes, rejoice!

Who or what on earth would you respect when putting yourself down?

You don’t owe anything to anyone.

It is okay to show your power.

You don’t need to make yourself smaller than you are.

It’s all about mastering your break up.

Life does have storms.

Go through the break up storm as a winner.

You need power to keep the rudder steady.

You are not a victim.

You are a winner!

Get you full power back.

It takes strength and determination.

Go for it!

Kick yourself and shift your mind set!


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