Why you want a coherent strategy - ARTICLE

Okay, here is an essential word of warning.

When you go to battle you want a coherent strategy.

Imagine being in the middle of a battle field and having still to decide whether to go North or South; it would be very confusing, right?

Before you step into battle you need to know your targets.

In your case the goal is to recover your full emotional freedom, right?

When I started writing this e-book, I had to make a choice:

Would I help you move on or would I help you get back together with your ex.

I decided to help you move on!

Why is that? Because I observed what trying to get back together can do to you.

When you try to get back together, you keep on investing in a sinking ship.

You are focused on recovering a past experience.

When you move on, you focus on your future.

You focus on new potentials and what lies ahead in your life.

I checked literally hundreds of break up situations and realized that in 95% of the cases, getting back together does not work.

You can see a break up as a temporary life mistake; or you can see it as one of your destiny’s sign which encourages you to explore your life further.

This is why I opted for the first strategy: moving on.

To tell you the truth, I could have written an e-book on getting back together.

There are a few of them out there.

The mind sets associated with moving on are very different from the mind sets associated with getting back together.

If you are in the middle of this battle and hesitate between the two directions, you tend to create a state of conflicting interests.

This means that you get confused and in doing so, you put your victory at risk.

This is exactly why you want a coherent battle strategy and follow up on it until you win.

If you change directions half way, you often end up getting nowhere.

What does this mean practically?

You notice that in this e-book, I talk only about one thing: moving on!

All the strategies I give you are aimed at this target.

Should you forget about trying to get back together? At this stage, yes!

The first priority is to get your power back. It is to recover your full emotional base.

You can’t do that if you believe that she has the keys to your happiness and you don’t.

The keys to your happiness and long term life fulfilment are in you!

If you already decided that moving on is what you want… Great! Stick to it!

However, if you get tempted by the other strategy, here is what will happen:

If you go online and suddenly decide to purchase another e-book on “How to get back together”, you’ll end up with two sets of radically different strategies: “How to move on” and “How to get back together”

When you wake up in the morning and see these two volumes on your desk, you’ll have to make a choice.

Once you choose for one of these directions, forget about the other one and stick to the set of strategies you chose.

To win, you need coherence, consistency and repetition.

If you head north for two days and then head south for two days, you tend to come back to the starting point, right?

This does not mean that these experiences have no value. They do!

This means that you are still in the choice making stage.

That’s when you assess your options and realize exactly what you want.

Taking action and truly moving on is the next stage.

At that moment, choose for one battle strategy and forget about the other one.

The more you hesitate or doubt, the more energy you waste.

Hesitations and doubts are draining forces which do hold you back.

Sometimes you simply need your full concentrated resources to break through a life challenge.

This is one of these moments!

Concentrate all your energy in one coherent direction.


This is what it takes to win this challenge.

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