Your romantic dream and actual reality - ARTICLE

When you feel change and renewal knocking on the door of your relationship, you can step back and reject change or you can go with it.

You want to be realistic here.

There are two realities in relationships:

· The first one is the romantic dream. It is the original and perfected romantic vision. This vision is usually based mainly on love. It is like a territory of passion, love and profound communion.

· The second one is the actual reality. Reality can be very different from your "inner vision".

The goal is simple: have a vision, concept, plan or design which does match reality.

You want to ad a dimension of power and realism to your relationship.

This is a significant shift.

What you bring in when you take this step is power.

You empower your relationship.

You don’t reject the "romantic dream". You simply ad a quality which matches better your experience and gives you extra tools and strategies to deal with challenges.

What you want is to strengthen the power base of your relationship.

You want to design a plan which does actually match the real potential of what you share.

It is dangerous to get lost in pipe dreams. A pipe dream is an unrealistic vision.

It is something you keep on pursuing without having any real chance to see it happening.

When you feel you are dreaming and that you can’t actually manifest your vision, the idea is to bring in a dimension of realism and power.

Shift your vision. Shift your plan and design a dream which can be manifested and matches your real potentials.

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