Set up the right priorities - ARTICLE

You have 3 areas of priorities in your relationship:

· Your individual priorities (your career, health, happiness, satisfaction, etc)

· Your partner’s individual priorities (his career, health, etc.)

· Your relationship’s priorities.

Sometimes, these 3 priority areas do match. They actually strengthen each other.

For instance, when you are happier, your partner is usually happier as well. Your relationship will usually benefit from it as well.

The art of being together is the art of creating win-win-win situations within all these 3 areas.

You partner, yourself and the relationship, all want to win. They want to benefit to the maximum of this partnership.

Sometimes, it is okay to give to yourself first. If you feel like you are giving up your life in the name of being together, something is definitely wrong.

These 3 areas are all top priority. No one needs to lose. Everyone can win!

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