Are you more vulnerable to jealousy outbreaks when stressed up at work? - Why? - TIP

More stress at work means more vulnerability to jealousy triggers.

Let me expand a bit on that one, so that we understand really how it works.

Imagine that you have a certain amount of power.

It is like a given volume of energy you use to maintain and protect the different areas of your life.

Now, imagine that a given area like work requires more power because pressure on that level has increased.

This can weaken your resistance in other aspects of your life like relationships.

See a jealousy outbreak as an attack on your mind.

The reason why this outbreak happens is because you don't have yet enough power or tactics in place to protect your mind space.

See the dynamics?

I believe that's exactly the way it works.

The solution?

Find ways of increasing your personal power even more to the point where you have reserves to deal with about any challenge that comes your way.

When you fully own your personal mind space, you don't need to be destabilized by jealousy triggers ever again.


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