Good and bad cravings - Find out for yourself - TIP

Some cravings are good!

Hunger or thirst are two basic craving signals that the body sends out.

In fact these cravings are a call!

They are signals the body sends out.

With negative cravings, the same process happens.

The body sends out a craving signal.

The difference is that what it calls for is BAD for you.

The difference between good and bad is not crystal clear.

What is good for some can appear bad for others.

For instance some people believe that a glass or red wine is good for your health while others don't buy into that idea and go for being alcohol free.

This means that you need to use your own power of discrimination and identify for yourself your core nutrition values.

In YOUR world, what is ok and what is not?

That's the question you need to ask yourself.

Your intuition will make a quick instinctual decision for most choices.

For instance, if I ask you if a cheeseburger is good or bad for you, you know straight away the answer, right?

Same with tobacco or donuts!

With other foods, you might get mixed feelings related with conflicting impressions and information you might have about that specific food.

When you are confronted with this dilemma, the best is to experiment!

Try it out and find out what FEELS best for you.

For instance, should you be alcohol free or is it better to drink socially every now and then?

The best is to try both for a couple of weeks and feel what's best.

This choice you make is for you and for you only.

For now, remember that not all cravings are bad!

You have good AND bad cravings.

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