Sales are up even though call for action and ads have been removed - WEBSITE STRATEGY

Here are some stunning results:

First, sales for the Access everything package are up!

That's the first stunning thing because Almost all calls for action have been removed from the site.

What you get is simply a short explanation on some of the sales pages that are left + you meet the login page when you try to access the vital couples, relationships, dating for men areas.

Now, I want to say this again:

80% of the calls for action have been removed since last week and sales are actually up.

So, here is what could be going on:
  • Visitors made a note of buying this material but waited for a few days - It means that what triggered their desire to buy what indeed the previous set up
  • Visitors might be turned off by the sales energy that was more present last week on the site and actually buy more when they are not asked to.
Another possible reason has to do with energy balance and energy flow concerning my own activity - This one would be called positive karma.

To be followed...

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