Everything for free? Is this the way to go? - BUSINESS MODEL

This is a possibility I discussed in the past and would be one of the deepest shifts in my online presence.

The possibility is to remove all protection on all files and offer 100% of the content for free.

The site would then rely on visitors signing up for extra coaching after that if they want to.

This business model is radically different then the one I have now.

Some profound changes in the publishing tools I am using now could technically push me to go that way and immensely simplify both my work and the user's experience.

On top of that, it would totally remove any sales like call for action (except for the coaching sign up page).

This means that 90% of the sales structure which is still present on the site would be gone.

In theory, this is a good plan if:
  • The word gets out, visitors come back, traffic increases
  • An even tiny fraction of those who use the content sign up for coaching.

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