Everything for free? what to expect - BUSINESS MODEL

I tested restricting the content a few weeks ago and the actual traffic on the site did not change that much.

this restricted access concerned dating for women, all the body/stay fit programs, and the mind/wake up your power resources, tantric sex.

here is what happened after I open that content for free:

while the number of page views has increased by around 25%, the number of visits is quite constant.

The conclusion?

the free content does not trigger much change in repeated visits.

A fraction of first time visitors will dive in the content extensively.

I will see some individual users check dozens of pages and stay on the site for long periods of time.

However, the average time on the site is not too different overall + as I said earlier, there is no significant change in the number of visits.

In a way, these results are quite stunning. I am quite surprised by them.

The reason why it is like that is again, because only around 10% of visitors will access the login page when content is restricted.

The other 90% of visitors either land on a sales page or still access some free content pages or leave the site without checking the content.

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