Wordpress platform - WEBSITE STRATEGY

About 3 months into the testing and uploading content, the wordpress platform is ready to go...

The structure, plugins and design are all ready.

There is just one thing that is missing and this is the ability to effectively use amember on it.

This means that right now, whatever content I write on wordpress or blogger is in free access because I don't have the tools to protect this content with amember.

by the way, audios, videos and ebooks are STILL protected!

This concerns ONLY the articles.

That's maybe 50% ready and could work.

Another challenge is that right now, I use 4 major platforms to deliver the content:
  • Expression web - HTML pages
  • Blogger
  • PHPBB - forum
  • Wordpress - Almost ready not yet implemented
For now, wordpress is like a backup structure and content ready to go and be launched if needed.

Functioning with the 4 systems at the same time, becomes more complex. It's doable but the navigation needs to be coherent and well tested.

So, what stops me from shifting to wordpress?

here are a few things: the first one is that the ONLY reason right now to shift to wordpress would be to protect content - and in that case, it is the only thing that is not totally solid.

EVERYTHING else works fine with the the HTML/blogger combination.

It is fine so far.

Protecting or not big chunks of content is a key business choice - Until now, that's what I did.

In the next post, I'll check again the key possible business models...

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