Youtube revenue sharing - BUSINESS MODEL

Right now, that's a possible avenue.

Let's check the possible income with that...

I have 1 video which is already on that mode for some time...

last month, earning for this one video were: $1.50


that's $4.50 for 3 months, right?

around 4000 video views.

So, roughly $1/1000 video views.

If all my videos were active, as I get around 2500 videos views on youtube, that would be 2.50/day

or $75/month

That's not much - It's the equivalent of selling one access everything membership on the site.

Conclusion? In terms of income, that's a dead end.

Not much to expect on that side.

One might argue that in a year, that could be $900 which is not bad in a way.

I agree, but the point is that this is a side limited income, not my main source of course.

We already knew that with adsense and this simply confirms.

In other terms, it's not worth the effort and the focus.

Especially considering the fact that you have zero control over the system itself which could shift anytime.

Conclusion? Not really worth it unless you have nothing else to do.

Remember as well that this means that ads are being displayed on side of your videos

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