Master technology! - TIP

Technology is a BIG deal today!

It is rather technology that doesn't do what it's supposed to!

How many times did you buy a software or a new cell phone or a new computer, follow the exact instructions and get stacked with an error message?

To win the technological challenges you need to be VERY good at it.

The thing is that unless you have someone doing all that for you, you will need to master the technical environment.

One of the keys is to know where to find help fast when you need it.

Another one is to persevere and be smart with the challenges you face.

A third strategy is to keep things VERY simple!

A cell phone which can just be used for making and receiving calls has less chances to break than a cell phone with camcorder integrated.

Master technology! Keep it simple! Ask for help when needed!

That's the core productivity message for today!

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