Why your sexual neediness turns women off - TIP

I already talked in the past about being needy or clingy.

You know that this turns women off.

Now, there is a purely sexual expression of that neediness.

It is when your sexual needs or desires are much higher than the ones from your partner or date.

You want sex all the time, she wants it much less or not at all.

You can imagine how this makes her feel, right?

Often, it's your neediness that will trigger a lack of sexual desire on her side.

For instance she might feel desire for you in the beginning when you start dating and 3 months down the line, her desire seems to be gone while yours has expanded.

You end up being like on 2 different sexual planets.

This can really ruin your relationship and confidence.

You must understand that when you are sexually needy, she sees someone who is enslaved by his sexual desires and emotions.

What she sees is not male.

What she sees is often childish and out of control.

To her your appear totally disempowered.

It is this emotional state that can totally turn her off.

This sexual neediness can manifest itself in so many ways. For instance:
  • She wants to chat and you just want to take her.
  • She initiates sex and you systematically take over without giving her space to lead.
  • You overdo a given sexual behavior like for instance oral sex when she would like to feel you inside of her.
  • You ejaculate too fast while she's just getting warmed up.
  • You engage in rough sex when all she wants is more romance and kindness
  • Etc.
As you can see, you have dozens of sexual behaviors that can potentially be turn offs.

The thing is that if she doesn't give you targeted feed back, you might believe that she likes specific aspects of your sexual attitudes when in fact she doesn't.

Sometimes I am blown away when I ask women what is good and what is not in their sex lives.

In what they dislike, they will often mention details in their male partner's sexual behavior.

When I ask them if he knows about it, I quickly realize that they never shared these details with them.

So back to sexual neediness...

The first step is to realize that you are being sexually needy.

The second step is to change your attitude to a confident one.

Sexual confidence is an ATTITUDE that you TRAIN!

You express sexual confidence in the way you speak, in your body language, in the way you touch her or in the way you dress.

There is no rush!

There is no fear!

There is only confidence!

It is that confidence that gets her sexually attracted to you.

Become Mr COOL!

The guy who understands her very profound desires.

Give her EXACTLY what she is deeply asking for: POWER!

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