Relationship Sabotage and the different ways it manifests - LIVE! - This Friday Oct 29th - In Oakland - California


Here is the copy for an event I will be presenting this Friday
Oct 29th in Oakland/California - 1550 5th St


Meriana Dinkova and Francisco Bujan will be joining forces for that one!

We will be exploring RELATIONSHIP SABOTAGE and its many forms.
Some of them are obvious and some of them not obvious at all...
be ready for some surprises:)

Do you have a hard time trusting that long-term relationships
will work out for you?
... Or are you desperately looking for the 'right' relationship,
but always end up finding flaws and imperfection, which cause you
to leave
... Do you tend to be mostly attracted to people who are
geographically, emotionally or circimstancialy unavailable?
... are you eager to find 'the One', but every time you thought
you found them, they didn't seem fully available for
relationship... or not for very long...
... Do you tend to leave relationships as soon as the honeymoon
is over?
... Do you tend to leave or get left as soon as a commitment
milestone like an anniversary, Valentine's day (or for some
Burning man:),marriage or buying a house shows on the horizon
... Are you curious to look deeper into what might be going on?

Join Meriana DInkova MFT and Francisco Bujan for and evening of
sharing and exercises, in which we will go deeper into the murky

Admission will be $15-25 sliding scale. No one will be turned
away for lack of funds.

Meriana Dinkova is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MTF
Lic#45696)and Life- and Relationship Coach in private practice in
SF. For the last 16 years she has studied and practiced a variety
of tantric, meditative and therapeutic methods involving the
connection between spirit and body and the ways our attention
influences our experience, particularly in the realms of
connection, mindfulness and sensuality. For more info go to

Francisco Bujan has been working as a Life and Relationship coach
for many years and has helped hundreds of men and women with a
variety of issues around relationships and break-up. To find out
more about him go to:


See you there!

Francisco, Artisans, 6, Crans, 1299, Switzerland

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