Relationship sabotage - Love building techniques - NOTE

With sabotage, we can focus either on understanding the sabotage pattern and trying to tackle it or we can come from a radically different angel and look at it this way:


Sabotage happens because love is not strong enough in you.

The best way to tackle sabotage is simply to increase love in you. If you increase love, you connect with a source of inspiration that will give you more energy and support to simply do the right thing.

The goal is to build more:

  • Love
  • Refinement
  • Beauty
  • Romance
  • Passion
  • Sexual attraction

Here are some of love and sexual attraction building techniques I can think off:

  • Energy techniques like sound, breathing, movement (have a whole chapter on those, so I won't expand here)
  • Breathe together
  • Hug
  • Share what you like about the other person - Go deep with that
  • Dance
  • Eye contact / Smile
  • Feed each other some fruit
  • Sensual hand play
  • Whisper in each other's ear the most sensual experience you ever had - Share exactly how this made you feel.
  • Etc.
Those are games we can play with when having a live event - You can as well practice these with a date or partner as a way to build up intimacy

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