3 weeks into light smoothies strategies - What's happening - NOTE

First off, the strategy is now stable.

My energy levels are high and I do train 1 to 2 hours daily.

The way I train?

20 min yoga in the morning

More short 5 min energy breaks throughout the day

1 to 2 hours outdoor between 3 and 5 pm (before it gets dark here)

In this afternoon training, I bike 30-60 min

I jog 15-30 min

I do various exercises using body weight like pushups, yoga postures, stretches, etc.


I have a very light diet - 95-100% raw - I eat soaked nuts and seeds, salads smoothies, energy mixes (will tell you more about those another time)


My daily calorie intake is probably 80% of what it was before I started


I don't use suppression strategies. I don't force myself. Having light smoothies instead of the richer ones I had before is a very natural step and it's almost like by body starts calling for them now.

So, these are small steps I am taking. Nothing radical.

If I feel a disbalance or any drop of energy, I listen to it, observe it and see if it's something my body is breaking through or any form of excess on my side I should be compensating for.

I observe very precisely my energy level while training. Stretch my limits here and there but without forcing much any aspect of my training.


So far, so good! I like a lot what I feel and am enjoying this experiment a lot.

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