Conclusions from my website's last year of activity - NOTE

Here are a few things

Redesign is a big success

it is simple but the way the content is organized now + the navigation is really fantastic I think.

Basically, people can easily find their way around.

The way the content is presented is EXTREMELY consistent.

Programs are clear.

It is uncluttered from ads and distractions.

In other terms, as a resource, it works great!


Engaging the audience?

That's something I am no longer actively trying to do except in a few sales pages I have left. There are no whistles or flashy designs.

Why? because all of these are actually distractions.

I decided to simply present the content AS IS and let people RELAX with their experience.

In the feed back I got in the past, people mentioned that a lot: they don't want to be aggressed when entering a site!

They want to relax.

Right now, the site is delivering lots of quality content.

Time on page and on site has been consistent.

The reason why traffic is dropping is simply because pages naturally progressively drop in search engines... It's a natural process.


Engaging audience with newsletter sign up, forums, community?

Well, it is very clear, when people want community, 95% of them already go to selected sites. These are facebook, youtube and twitter.

You have a few forums that are still active out there but board discussions don't really take off any more.


More social media?

That's another myth! On small sites, people don't engage in conversations, chat or contribution.

Why? because there isn't enough momentum on these sites.

so, not manifested on my site yet.


Drop down menus

Another element that I experimented with but that I eventually dropped because of technicalities.


Trouble free membership system

so far the system has been a big success - some extra features could be there but it does what it's supposed to and has been a  positive shift to an online member area that really works and that gives clients a good sense of control over their member area



Basically, lots of good stuff on the site.

Simplicity, easiness of use.

Good vibes!

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