Unlimited coaching! - another few essential elements - NOTE

the first and second offer I sent work!


It was a real success.

Now here are a few elements that made it a success!


First, it was a networking step. 5000 people on list. same message to everyone.

I sent a few individual messages but no response on that level! That's a bit surprising because these were targeted messages to people I coached before.

So, network message to a list!

That's what worked!


Second essential element

This was a list of people who know me already - a few of them had already bought a product or some coaching before.


Third essential element

Limited time offer and limited spots - I do believe that if this was a permanent offer without urgency element to it, it would not have taken off.


Fourth essential element

A solid discount and no brainer in the way it is present. One simple choice. an unbeatable price. a super simple sign up process. perfect packaging.


Fifth essential element

I send the first message to my audience and as well to my facebook social network + posted it on another list.

I believe that 100% of my responses came from MY lists, not my social networks. In other terms, advertising this specific offer on facebook and other list did not trigger a significant response.

So, you need a space to advertise this material. your social networks might give you some limited response but they are NOT the answer.


Sixth essential element

The sales email I sent was VERY simple - plain text with a long link - Nothing fancy!

Same for the sign up page!

No graphics. no fancy sales letter. no video. no success stories. NONE of these usual sales elements.

Just a simple message with a call for action.


now, here are some things I tried along the same line that didn't work:


Posting and ad on the site. Same offer. side ad or more invasive ad. creates no response!

Conclusion: same offer presented to a totally different audience creates a radically different result! I mean RADICALLY different - success rate goes from 100% to 0% just like that! STUNNING!


Price shift!

I tried with another price $299 for 3 months - response again dropped!

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