Does giving away free content create a surge of traffic? - NOTE

Here is a possible business model that I have been testing:

I offered the totality of the content on dating for women in free access.

Now, that's lots of videos and audios + a few ebooks + dozens of articles. The possible idea with that is because women are able to access that free content many more visits to the site will result.

Now, here is the strange thing:

the page access for the program of dating for women gets 100 views/month!

The page access for jealousy for women gets about the same and it's a sales page.

the dating for women videos access page gets even way less than that.

Of course, the overall traffic to these pages in free access is still probably 10 to 20 x more than the jealousy for women program but it is still not much!

Free access does NOT mean that people are rushing grabbing the content.

I believe that because it's free, the perceived value does drop instantly.

+ all the power sales structure is dissolved as well.

So, there is less intensity and way less challenge.

That's on the site.

Now of course, THAT specific content (dating success for women) gets lots of traffic on youtube and on the podcasts.

This is where 95% of the audience is for this material. Only 5% is actually viewing the content on my site.

This is essential because if I was offering for instance, break up for men in free access, the result would be the same.

I don't think there would be a huge surge in traffic. Maybe it would increase for a while like double and of course, the content would be viewed.

However, it is putting the break up videos on youtube or the audios on the podcast that would generate way more traffic.

for the break up videos, we are talking about an extra 20 videos for youtube

for the break up audios, that's way more, around 60 audios.

that's the same for other programs like jealousy for men or women and break up for women.

Now, giving away is great but what's the business model if this was done?

what would be the increase in traffic?

well, altogether that would be an extra 100 videos posted.

right now  have 400 videos with 1800 views/day so that's around 450 views/100 videos/day

an extra 100 videos posted on youtube would mean more or less that: an extra 450 views/day and maybe same or more with podcasts.

sure, that's more exposure but would it fundamentally change the results I get and my activity?

Would it suddenly increase coaching sign ups?

My experience is that it doesn't really.

If it did, I would have dozens of women signing up for coaching with me because of all the free content which is already online.

It is NOT what happens.

So, the outcome from such a freeing of my content is predictable because I already tested that with other programs.

Sure, break up and jealousy programs are more targeted and there is a small chance that results would be different but chances are really very slim.

My guess is that an extra 1000 video and audio access will happen and that this won't result in coaching sign ups.

Sure, people will enjoy the content but there is no solid funnel here to create a connection with my audience after they access my material.

Why is that?

Because the price tag of coaching and the various challenges people face when wanting to sign up makes coaching a relatively challenging product to sell.

Most of those who sign up for coaching bought a program before, so they already know me.

It could be the same of course with people accessing my break up or jealousy videos.

anyway...I am not shutting down that door...  still keep this as a question mark because I don't know for sure...

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