2 core limiting factors - conversion rate + traffic - NOTE

That's obvious of course but I want to say something more about this.

On the jealousy for men, I can see a conversion rate which is pretty high 2-3%

but page traffic is only 630 page views for 3 months.

So, in that case, the core limiting factor is not the conversion rate, it is traffic.

In all cases, traffic is ALWAYS a limiting factor because even with a conversion rate of 0.1%, lots of traffic would still mean lots of sales.

But of course, working on both conversions and traffic side by side is essential.

Anyways... that's just a quick observation on that. Sometimes, it's pretty pointless to fine tune the conversion rate from 1% to 2% if there is very little traffic coming in....

It's essential to be smart with where you put your effort and energy if you don't want to miss the point

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