New Youtube video campaign? - NOTE

I believe I could spend a whole month buzzing about this topic to get way more exposure.

In fact, I would already be there if that was my only topic - I would have developed a presence and greater expertize on this topic.


core questions

  • Offer just a 1 min sample or offer the complete video?
  • Offer a promotional content or offer the strategy?
  • Post only to youtube or to all video sites?
  • Brand with the logo on video?
  • Reinvent my looks and way I present myself?
  • Video titles - key phrase or ebook chapter?
  • Video style, raw? Moving? alive? or static chat?
  • Interview guys or record coaching session samples?
  • Record video success stories?
  • publish the videos as MP3 on a jealousy podcast too?
  • More?

on the offer 1 min sample or full video, the like/dislike ratings could go down - because people don't engage in discussion as much, it will trigger less exposure.

because it is openly commercial, people with favorite it less or post them on their facebook less as well.

Of course, if the aim is non commercial, people WILL share on facebook and other platforms because they don't see a money making scheme.

The key element here is REAL value!


The main real core question is: what is the content of the video?

Is it disclosing all the real advices, in other terms, giving everything away? or is it to create a commercial set of videos?

Or what else?


concerning the title of the video, that's of course essential as some keywords are searched a lot and others not at all...

using the key phrases is not logical because it is not the content but will most probably drive more traffic when the key words are in it.

Using the real topic for the video makes more sense for the viewer but might not bring the same amount of traffic.

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