Still high conversion rates on jealousy for men program - NOTE

I was checking the stats again and get a 3% conversion rate on the jealousy for men program.

That's very high! In fact the highest I got so far when checking.

Right now, the limiting factor is traffic to that page.

I can work on the page itself but it is basically pointless!

The program works!

It works EXACTLY the way it is right now.

Nothing needs to be changed!

All the page needs is more traffic!

That's all!


While other programs might have a lower conversion rate 0.3% - 1% depending on the program, the point is that they still do work the way they worked when I first started.

Yes, conversion rates did drop a bit for some programs BUT they still work!

People still buy them.

So, especially for the jealousy for men program and for the other ones as well, traffic is what's the most needed!

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