Power to evolve and innovate - NOTE

This is like the top skill I need to increase right now.

With any business, it is way more than simply creating a product letting it sit there for years without innovating anything.

Look at cars.

every few years, you need to renew the brand with new designs and features.

If you don't do it, the brand dies out!

It's ESSENTIAL to understand this principle!

Any business must evolve and innovate.

It's either that or slowly die.

Of course, there are some exceptions.

If you create salt, the product can basically stay the same for years. Not much room for innovation there except maybe packaging design or production process for instance.

The point is that having that specific skill to look at the past and NOT try to recreate it is what keeps your businesses going.

You can't simply look at the online marketing landscape and try to go back to using the old traffic building or marketing methods that worked 5 years ago.

You need to go with the flow and INNOVATE!

If you don't, you are done!

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