Added 20+ keywords in META description and Meta kewords in jealousy for men and jealousy for women pages - NOTE

my break up for men page has been getting way more traffic than the jealousy pages.

When checked, found out that a long time ago, I added meta keywords and meta description tags to the break up for men pages but never did it to the jealousy pages.

Just did that today.

I make a not here as a reminder


Next step is to check traffic to these pages and see if there is any impact just using that strategy.

If there is it's one I can implement in dozens of other pages on my site of course.

It is a basic one and the reason I never implemented it is because I never optimized these pages to rank high in search engines.

My SEO strategies to score high was always one keyphrase per page rather than many keyphrases for just one page.

This is why on page optimization for these main sales pages was never done.


What's the time frame? if this strategy works, my guess is around 3 months for seeing a change in ranks.

of course, I'll be thrilled if any results can be seen earlier than that.

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