Just posted this job request for SEO - SEO for 1 sales page - 180 keyphrases - Top 10 google rank - NOTE

Here is a copy of the ad below


SEO for 1 sales page - 180 keyphrases - Top 10 google rank

I have a sales page that has been online for a few years.

I want this page to rank top 10 on google for 180 targeted key phrases.

I am looking for long term collaboration as this would be only a first pilot project.

I will need a ranking report at start and then a weekly report to check progress.

I need to track yahoo, bing and google but will only consider the results on google for payments

Payment structure?

Here is a suggestion:

- 0-50 key phrases hit the top 10 --> $50/month
- 50-100 key phrases hit the top 10 --> $100/month
- 100-150 key phrases hit the top 10 --> $150/month
- 150-200 key phrases hit the top 10 --> $200/month

The first of each month (February, March and April), we check results and you get paid accordingly.

Key phrases are 2 to 4 words in a not too competitive market

Key phrases need to hit top 10 with broad match.

I want to aim for getting top 10 ranking for all these 180 key phrases within 1-3 months.

This is a LONG TERM project. If the first 3 months prove to be a success, I will be happy to extend our partnership after that. I have as well many more targeted pages that I want to market in a similar way.

I have a max monthly budget of $200 if 150-200 key phrases hit the top 10.

Ideally I would pay you only once I see results.

If you can guarantee top 3 or top 1 position, I want to hear that - let me know as well.

You are the experts, so I await as well your suggestions for time frame and pricing if what I suggest above doesn't suit you.

Thanks! Look forward to hearing from you


So, here are a few ideas about this ad.

First is that I want to try and pay on results!

When a provider gives you a SEO offer, they often say things like "Guaranteed results", right?

So, here is the chance for providers to prove to me that they really believe and trust what they are saying.

I posted that only a few hours ago and got a few replies but will wait 2-3 days before drawing a conclusion.

The thing with SEO is that you can take tons of steps and get very little results.

The results you want to achieve are targeted traffic from organic results on google.

It is really that simple!

The steps by themselves like publishing articles, or exposure on social bookmarking sites or anything else have little impact if it doesn't translate in higher rankings on google.

So... Again, here it is... My question now to all SEO experts out there is: Can you deliver the results!

Another core element in my offer is pricing structure with a certain price per number of key phrases reaching top 10...

To be followed...

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