What happens when you give away rather than trying to sell? - NOTE

Here is a good example:

In the last month, I posted 8 ebooks on scribd - total views = 542

in the same period/time frame, I posted 6 ebooks on kindle - total sales = 1

See the dilemma?

Now, it's possible that a few of the views on scribd are not full reads but you see the difference, right?

It's most probable as well that so far my ebooks on kindle didn't get much exposure either yet.

If you give it away, you get 1000x more exposure!

That's really something to consider.

Same story with with my videos and MP3's - It's because I gave them away that I got so much exposure.

On youtube 2.5 million views so far - same number range with Itunes.

That's lots of people exposed to my content, strategies, life tactics.

I estimate that around 1 million people a year are exposed to my teaching, energy or materials in one way or another.

People who actually bought something from me in the same period: around 6000.

So, if my marketing model had been to just sell, I would have missed on impacting on a LOT of people's lives.

I like this free impact! In fact I am proud of it!

Most people who know me tell me I give away too much for free.

If the goal is to make money and engage in commercial transactions, sure I might.

If on the other hand the goal is to transform the planet for the best and give each person the tools they need, I should give away even more!!!!

Of course, I am aware that tons of creative people in all sorts of fields are confronted with the exact same dilemma.

each time a doctor takes off to a third world country and engages in charity work, they do the exact same thing. They might leave behind a successful practice and opportunity to make lots of cash.

But... They do it anyway because the force that pushes them to take that step is not commercial greed! It is connection, compassion, the desire to open doors rather than creating divisions.

Anyway... That's THE dilemma - Right now, I stand somewhere in between and 80% of what I create is given away.

The advantage of digital content is that there is no price for printing or shipping!

In the past, we could not do that with books because printing and distributing these books costs money!

Digital content radical shifts the equation if one wants to.

This applies to lost of other products, like open source software, digital pictures, wikipedia, online videos, podcasts, and so much more.

It is fantastic that it is that way.

The planet needs that type of impact and that type of sharing!

It is good for consciousness and human evolution because it speeds up exchange of knowledge, ideas and energy!

I am sure that many people face the same type of dilemma in the creative field.

Right now, what maintains me is a fine balance between these two lines of actions.

I am thankful for the opportunity to give away so much and ask for guidance to help me make the right choices in the future!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I feel honored and blissed!

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