What results to expect from a youtube video campaign - NOTE

I am right now measuring the possible impact of two approaches...

In the past few days, I estimated the impact of a SEO campaign.

No, I'll check what happens if I launch a 30 days / 30 videos campaign for the same product.

Right now, I have 10 videos on youtube for this topic.
  • videos 3 years online
  • total views on youtube: 40'000
  • on all video sites: 80'000
  • 13'000 views/year from youtube
  • youtube related visits to my page = clicks = 500-1200 clicks
  • That's 3%-10% CTR
  • total sales estimates - 10-40 sales in a year (hard to tell as totally depends on conversion rate)
so suppose now that I create 30 new targeted videos on this topic...
  • 40'000 potential views on youtube/year
  • 1'200-4'000 views/year
  • Total sales estimates 24-130 sales/year

Of course, ALL these estimates are real approximations! It's just to give a scale of what can be achieved here.

Cost for video campaign: time and energy on my side

Possible income from a 1 month campaign: 
  • $480-$2600 / year
  • Over 5 years period = $2'400 - $13'000
Now, if this is repeated 4 times in a year and I launch more video campaigns, these numbers could go up again.
  • 4 similar campaigns in a year = $1'920-$10'400 /year
If you double these numbers because of including all  video sites - for one campaign (not 4)
  • $960-$5'200 /year
or 4 campaigns in a year on all video sites:
  • $3840 - $20'800 / year
same of 5 years period:
  • $19'200 - $104'000 /5 years
I know all this is very abstract and theoretical because so many elements can influence this.

As you can see, numbers can go up or down A LOT with a video campaign.

90% of the referring sources to my videos come from youtube itself and only 1-2% come from referrals from google.

50% referred by the "related videos feature"

20% referred by youtube search

15% mobile devices

5% channel

So, the same SEO game applies to youtube as to google.

The advantage with youtube is that there is way less competition for a given keyword but no idea how to play that game on youtube - have been relying purely on luck so far...


In terms of CTR's and conversions, the SEO campaign is more predictable than the video one because impressions and clicks are more predictable on search engines.

With videos, it's a totally different story because number of views can incredibly vary.

It's enough for a video to get many more views to suddenly multiply sales as well.

Just with these estimates, both approaches (VIDEO and SEO) are equally good.

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