Freshness! Freedom! - ARTICLE

Yoga is NOT a crystallized system that lives in the past.

It is a daily creation and exploration.

You have infinite space to express your own creative power in this system.

Yoga started with a spark.

This spark touched some people and these people started creating and practicing specific techniques.

They CREATED these techniques as a response to what they were feeling.

This source of inspiration they were tapping into is formless!

This means that it had all the possibilities in itself.

The risk is to believe that what was crystallized by some yogis at a given moment is the only form!

It is not!

Yoga can be reinvented every day according to your unique needs or situation.


Because I believe that yoga is NOT the forms.

A set of forms are only the vehicle you use at a given time as a stepping stone.

Yoga is originally formless and free!

Yoga is a free source of inspiration that EVENTUALLY gets crystallized in specific forms.

Now, the original creative freedom that existed when yoga started is still there today.

You can tap into it!

You can reinvent the forms!

You can create a new set of practices by tuning into this original system.

When you try to reinvent forms and free your mind, many people might try to stop you.

It happens because they want to preserve the forms the way they are.

They express their preservation instinct that forces them to protect the existing forms.

These forms are like the visible temple of yoga.

They want this purity and system to be preserved exactly the way it is.

You can respect that of course because it comes from a pure desire to protect something they care for.

Now, there is another aspect to any tradition!

You can call that its renewal power.

This is the force of change and evolution.

Yoga is touched by this instinctual inner urge to evolve like any other tradition.

Life is NOT static and crystallized!

The power of evolution, renewal, change and transformation is active all the time!

Some people or aspects of any tradition might resist change because change challenges them.

It forces them to adapt to new mind sets and forms.

So, change requires energy.

It forces you to step out of a comfort zone to integrate new ideas and postures for instance.

The point is that if you need to or want to, yoga is open for change and renewal.

This refreshing stream of change is part of yoga as it is part of any other tradition.

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