Yoga is not unique! - ARTICLE

You have many systems of self realization on this planet.

Every religion or spiritual approach is a system by itself.

When you engage into yoga, you must keep these doors open!

Tolerance and respect are essential!

Avoid the fanaticism traps!

This is not about proving to anyone else that the path you choose is better than theirs.

Only one thing matters and this is what YOU need or what YOU choose.

Everyone is 100% free!

Don't put pressure on others to follow you in what you are doing!

On the contrary! Set them free and respect their own choices.

What works for you might not work for them.

So, remember!

RESPECT at all times!

Believing that yoga is the only path or the best path is being disrespectful to the billions of people on this planet who follow other traditions.

You can climb the Everest via many sides!

The path of Yoga is only one of these routes to self realization and unified consciousness.

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