Change one eating pattern at a time - ARTICLE

Your body and mind need time to READAPT!

If it’s too much at a time, the body and mind can’t take it!

Suppose that you have been eating fast food for many years, you decide to eat healthy and prepare meals at home.

Don’t make that change in one day!

Do it progressively!


Because if you do it all at once, you system will be in a state of shock!

So, what do you do?

You start by having a healthy breakfast at home.

You might start with cereals and fresh fruit.

What happens when you do that?

Your whole being readapts!

  • Your digestive system develops a new intestinal flora.
  • You get used to the taste of fruit in the morning.
  • You try some new preparations and search for new recipe ideas.
  • Your whole body gets progressively transformed all the way down to cellular level.
  • You develop new emotional associations connected with that type of food.
  • You rearrange your time to be able to do this at home.
  • You train yourself not to respond to the fast food triggers when you walk by a fast food joint in the morning.
  • Etc.

As you can see, that’s A LOT!

If you force too many processes at the same time, your body enters in a state of crisis!

You can of course use will power for a while to sustain many simultaneous changes.

But eventually you relax!

You want to be able to relax and embrace nutrition shifts you can enjoy!

So, rather than aiming for a short term one week success.

You aim for long term 1 year profound and lasting transformation.

Less will power!

More fun!

Let’s go back to the previous example.

If you make this breakfast shift and sustain it for a month, then that’s a success.

It takes around 3 months to ground a new eating pattern.

In these first 3 months, the risk to fall back to the old habits is still there.

So, it’s essential to stay focused on just 1 target you can easily oversee and master.

In that case, this target is “Having a healthy breakfast”.

This is the REAL alternative to yo-yo dieting.

It is to move slower but sustain long lasting changes!


This is ESSENTIAL if you want long lasting success!

After 1 to 3 months of practicing healthy breakfast , you can ad a new habit.

This could be have a healthy 3 pm snack or a light lunch.

Practice that for 3 months while maintaining the healthy breakfast.

And so on.

Do you see how it works?

It is progressive and easy!

You need way less will power to do it that way.

After the first 3 months of healthy breakfasts, a few things happen.

First, you start liking this refreshing healthy breakfast WAY more than the fast food alternative.

Why is that?

Because you see the changes in your mood and body!

In other terms, the healthy breakfast creates PLEASURE!

Way more pleasure than the old fast food option!

You enjoy it!

Because you found some new preparations and got used to the tastes, you now feel really happy with your new choices!

When this happens, there is no desire to go back!

The “morning fast food triggers” are gone.

You can stay in front of the fast food joint and not even be tempted to go in!

Why is that?

Because your body is satisfied and saying that you!

When you present it with the fast food alternative, it responds by saying something like: “Why are you showing me this junk food? I am already full and happy! I no longer need it”.

If your body could speak that’s exactly what it would say.

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