Eat differently! Not less! - ARTICLE

This is the next core idea!

When you eat healthy and give to your body healthy nutrition, it needs less food!

The hunger signals die out way earlier than when you eat junk food.

Food contains nutrients.

These are compounds like proteins, vitamins, enzymes, salts, etc.

They are the microscopic biochemical units that feed us.

Imagine that your body needs vitamin C and that the food you are eating right now does not contain any.

What happens?

The body keeps sending hunger signals.

It says something like: “I need vitamin C and I am still not getting it. Give me more! More! More!”

So, you keep on over eating until you are really full.

You eat way too much.

Now, if you eat a small meal and finish with a fresh orange juice, your body might go: “Thanks! Got what I needed! You can stop eating now!”

These are of course simplistic examples and the reality is way more complex.

But I am sure that these basic dynamics are true!

If the food you eat is poor in nutrients, you need to eat way more to give your body what it needs.

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