Why do they try to seduce you again? - ARTICLE

Your ex might show up at your work ready for a kill!!


Why is it that they still need your attention?

Why is it that they can’t leave you alone?

Because they love the attention.

They love being number one in your mind.

They know how easy it is for them to often claim back that spot!

So they go for it!


Wake up and realize that you and your ex are connected in subtle ways.

Yes, it is telepathy.

But think about it in a wider way.

It’s not silent transmission of thoughts.

It’s limbic resonance!

We don’t know much yet about the subtle exchanges of energy that go on between human beings, even when they are not in each other’s physical presence.

It’s a profound topic and we have little scientific proofs, just vague feelings.

If these ideas challenge you, let them go a bit and read my next chapter.

However, if you feel that your ex can actually drain you when they are not even physically there, I am here to tell you:

“Yes! I believe these things happen!”

They happen all the time between human beings.

You are not making that up.

It is one of the core challenges you might be facing with your ex.

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