Enjoy your crush! - ARTICLE

You enjoy it by adding power, direction and awareness to your experience.

You ad a dimension of realism to it.

You know that he could be married, never call you back, use you for sex, behave like a control freak or anything else.

These scenarios are all possibilities.

You want to keep them in the back of your mind and have exit strategies in case it goes that way.

It’s like setting up an insurance love policy in your life.

Suppose that the guy your have a crush on happens to be a real player.

He got your number, never called you and you see him the following week end making out with your best friend.

What do you do?

Do you have the resilience to rebound on the spot and be ok with it or are you so trapped in the romantic dream that it will take you a month to recover?

If you have been fantasizing for a few days about that guy, you might have built up these high expectations and a palace of romantic dreams.

See how it works?

I don’t want you to stop building dreams!

I know how this makes you feel!

It is beautiful!

I simply want you to ad a dimension of realism to what you experience and be able to make the difference between dream and reality.

There is a big difference between the facts and the way your mind will interpret them.

For instance if a perfect stranger smiles to you on the street, your mind might interpret it as way more than what it is.

Your imagination is triggered.

Again, don’t stop your imagination!

Simply, stay awake and realize it IS your imagination.

Your imagination builds up possibilities and some of these possibilities might come true.

The moment you get hurt is the moment you invest too much too fast based on very little.

So, how do you make this shift and ad realism without killing the dream?

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