You meet this guy...

He is fantastic!

You are at a club with some friends and he wants to see you again.

Before you know it, that’s it!

You have a crush!

A crush means that your passion and imagination takes over!

You spoke with that guy for 5 min and here you are envision the next 47 years of your life with him!


Can you see what just happened?


Lots of them!

VERY big ones!

You are taken by a stream you no longer control.

And guess what?

It feels really good to be in that space!

No fears yet… No questions yet…

All you want to do right now is text your two best friends and share what you feel now.

It is exciting.

These are the early stages!

Fast forward to the next morning!

Nothing happened with that guy yet.

You are still totally taken by the feelings from last night but you feel them already dying out a bit.

This is exactly the point where doubts and fears start waking up in you…

“Does he have a girlfriend? I don’t even know…”

“Does he like me?”

“Will he call me?”

“Should I text him now?”

You see, you enter a space now where expectations are high!

You are not taking this lightly!

You don’t want to mess up and in fact you feel quite scared to get hurt.

Everything I have been describing now is quite disempowering.

Can you see that?

You are supposed to get ready for work but can’t really think straight.

In fact, you don’t feel like going to work at all!

You would rather day dream and talk about what’s happening with your friends.

It’s a challenge, really!

This crush story happens to women all the time.

I believe that the energy of love you might be feeling is a powerful delicious fire!

You don’t want to kill that but something is missing!

It is awareness, power and skills to navigate this crush zone and have fun with it!

How do you have fun with feeling in love?

How do you turn this worry zone into an energizing and thrilling experience.

Let’s check that!

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