1 month into new sales pages - Questions and results

I started the new sales pages process like a month ago, adding the new titles progressively and as well puting the access everything option on every page.

So, far the sales results are low but most books sales pages have been implemented only recently, so I need to wait at least 30 days to have a more solid estimation of results.

The other element I observe is relatively little new coaching sign ups.

I had a month with tons of coaching activity and now in latest part of July and beginning August, a bit less coaching sign ups.

Here is the core question that comes to mind and that needs answering:

"Does the commercialization of the site by adding way more sales pages and putting some products for sale that were previously in free access, negatively impact on coaching sign ups?"

This is a core question and if you have been checking my site and this blog for a while, you know that it's a recurring question...

Here is what I feel could be happening...

When I commercialize the site, my audience feels it.

It shifts the energy balance on the site.

This happens in subtle ways.

Since I started with coaching, I have been navigating between various degrees of commercialization.

Before I took, these steps, the site's openness (which is the opposite of the commercialization index) was at 80%.

This means that 80% of my content was in free access.

Now, my steps take this openness index to 60% this means that 60% of the site's content is still in free access.

1 month into the experiment, there is an 80% drop in clients sign ups

Overall this means that my income has dropped 60% as well.

books and programs sales are stable and books on other channels like kindle and nook went up close to 50%.

What is stunning though is the correlation between clients sign ups and site's openness.

I feel that this is a subtle element that has to do with balance of energies on the site.

I believe that my coaching audience feels the shift in the commercialization index and responds in a defensive way.

This means that they will refrain a bit from signing up for coaching.

This is the general idea and all that could be an illusion of course.

We are talking about subtle changes that affect the way my potential clients respond to the site and to me.

I believe that this is actually the way it happens.

People respond to energies and intentions.

I think that's the way it works.

So, here is what I could do:

I could shift back my sales pages and decommercilize the site more, the way it was before, setting up again some of the fee products to free products and see what the response is.

Or I could analyze this energy blockage and do something about it.

I feel that a month ago, the client's sign up conversion rate was very high.

Maybe 80% of those who made inquiries actually signed up in the period end of June - Now, I have at least 4 or 5 people who inquired and who did not sign up - this means that the client's sign up conversion rate is way lower - maybe 20%

these variations have been there in the past of course.

These ups and downs happen all the time.

But there could be a correlation between lack of client sign ups and commercialization.

That's what I want to find out!

I need solid answers and direction!

Thank you!


By the way, traffic to the site is not impacted by the fact that there are more sales pages now - traffic is stable

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