Traffic as the main limiting factor

Many of the new products and sales pages get only a few hits a month - here is an example:

Fast seduction ebook - 4 hits in 15 days!

What does that tell me?

That right now, no matter how I look at it, traffic is the main limiting factor.

Working on adding more products or tricking the sales page is important of course but this is not the limiting element.

let's look at it globally...

70 ebooks - if each gets 10 hits/month

that's 700 hits/month to these pages

conversion rate 0.5% --> that's 3.5 sales/month = $63/month = $756/year

conversion rate 2% --> that's 14 sales/month = $252/month = $3024/year

in both cases, it is still worth it, right?

in the same period, the way it is now,

sales on kindle = $400/month = $4800/year

sales on nook = $120/month = $1440/year

what does that mean? that even with this very low traffic, the potential sales for these ebooks are around what happens with nook.

It's not exceptional, only represents a fraction of my income of course, but is worth getting it right.

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