85% body optimization this year against 95% last year - NOTE

Something is happening right now.

I feel that my body is not at its max potential

85% right now against 95% last year.

We are talking about fine tuning here.

here are possible causes for what's going on


Added dairy this year

I mentioned that earlier... I added, some yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese and quark to my diet.

I wonder if the lactic acid is having a negative impact on my body's recovery.

I feel this could be the cause

Added some meat and fish

Along the same line, to experiment and as well not to alienate myself socially, this year, I relaxed with this and consume some fish and meat.

Again, this is an experiment - I want to see what happens with or without

Some cooked food

again, for social reasons, I have here and there some cooked food in the form or some baked or boiled potatoes, some boiled veges, some roasted chicken or fish, boiled eggs or even a small slice of pizza.

I have been taking some of that on the side of a dish 1 to 3 times/week

These still represent a tiny fraction of my diet - I am still 95% raw

I would not eat these if I was not living with other people right now - I still don't use a stove.

No gym this year

This means a bit less training - maybe 2 hours/day instead of 3 hours/day last year


Overall, I relaxed a lot with my raw diet - this means that i started bringing in quite a few things i stayed away from last year.

The intensity of the training is as well slightly lower because I have other things that need my attention too.

So, this slight drop in optimization could be related with a general relaxation of my discipline or with something VERY precise like dairy products in my diet.

Again, the reason why I tried dairy is not to go back to it long term.

It is to learn, feel and experiment.

With diet and nutrition, you can rely on what people say or scientific knowledge or you can try and experiment because the experience will have a very lasting impact!

I am now comparing how it feels with and how it felt before.

I don't have to test everything, for instance, I am already clear about junk food, most fast food, alcohol, smoke and so on.

This means that I already tested all that in the years before.

The testing I am engaged now is simply fine tuning.

I will have a final answer in the next couple of weeks.

I need a clear answer to be able to focus on the elements that matter most.

I get the feeling that everything has an impact but that impact is relatively low except for dairy.

For instance, eating half a cooked potato with a raw meal will have a very limited impact.

But adding these elements over a 1 month period could eventually explain a drop from 95% to 85%.

By the way these optimization estimations are an inner scale beased on feelings and impressions.

For instance, I can see when I go training how fast I run and how much facilty I have to do some exercise, how many reps I can make before failure, etc.

This means that 85% or 95% are rough estimations of an overall feeling.

For me that seems to be quite accurate and work really well when I try to estimate my progress.


Overall, I get the feeling that the core limiting factor right now that drops my optimization level is the dairy.

That's an intuitive impression but I would have to check that

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