Dairy products? - Negative impact? - NOTE

This year, I started adding dairy again a bit.

why? some craving and as well, the coconut I used last year is a processed product - it's coconut cream or coconut nibs.

The nibs are fine, they are simply dried coconut.

But the coconut cream comes packaged in tins or cardboard small boxes.

No fresh coconut in Switzerland.

So, as dairy is fresh, local and very present in switzerland, I wanted to experiment a bit with that.

I have been using cottage cheese, yoghurt and quark. just the plain versions - no sugar added.

I use this for deserts and sides on dishes.

This is an experiment!!! I am not planning on going back to dairy products long term - I am simply testing to see what the impact on my body is

Now, I feel that my body is not fully optimized right now - 85% compared with 95% last year.

I well explain in the next post what I means and see if it's the dairy that drops my level of performance.

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