Being 40 pounds overweight is like carrying a 40 pounds back pack with you ALL THE TIME! - TIP

It always strikes me when I hear 20 kg overweight people saying that they feel tired and don't know why.

This is like the ultimate denial!

Of course you know why!

The first thing that makes you tired is the extra 20 kg of fat you carry with you all the time!!!

Most people who are overweight actually underestimate the impact this has on their level of energy.

If you are not sure, take a backpack and fill it with 20 kg of books.

Then you carry that back pack the whole day on your shoulders, go to work with it!

With it! without it! with it! without it!

You might think it's not the same?

Of course, it is very similar!

The difference with body weight is that somehow, part of you gets used to it.

But the toll on your level of energy still stays incredibly high of course!

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