Body weight - impact on training - NOTE

These last 2 months, I discovered something more about energy and training.

Small variations in weight have a huge impact on the energy level during training.

When my weight navigates in the 68-70 kg range, I literally feel like I am flying when jogging.

It feels really easy and fun!

when I tend to be in the 70-72 kg range, the impression is way less energetic

I already knew that of course, but these last series of training reinforce that impression really a lot.

I am in the fine tuning process here.

What strikes me is the impact that small variations have.

It's enough to have a couple of slightly bigger meals or social events in the week end to feel way heavier on Monday when I go training.

This means that all exercises seem to require much more energy.

I am talking about small variations!

Of course this is LOGICAL!

Imagine training with a one litter bottle of liquid attached to each ankle.

You know, these weights you can buy for your ankles or wrists...

See how much impact they have!

So, small fluctuations in weight as well impact a lot on how you feel when you train.

Some people might feel that 74 or 72 kg is the same... It's NOT!

It's a big difference!

And we are not even touching on bigger variations like losing 10 or even 20 kg of fat.

For me it's just fine tuning - I am navigating now in the 90-95% body optimization all the time.

It still strikes me though that such small variations have such a perceptible impact on my level of energy!

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