Summer 2011 - what's happening with my intensity training - NOTE

I am back in Switzerland for July-August

I didn't sign up for a gym membership because of other priorities right now: exploring new tantric sex techniques and publishing lots of new books.

So... Here is how I train right now...

  • Forest track with exercises + biking to get there - that's a 2-3 hours intensity training
  • I implemented now 30-60 min yoga every morning - that's not too intense and includes 5-10 min meditation at the end
  • I do some short swims in the lake a few times/week
  • I train 2-3 times a week by jogging in nature by my village and ad some fitness and yoga exercises at the play ground park - I use some of the installations for chin ups, etc.
  • I have energy breaks throughout the day - 1-3 times with a set of push ups or chin ups, hand stands, etc. In these energy breaks, for chin ups for instance I often do 3 to 5 sets of 5-20 repetitions - I push each set to failure.
This means that overall, I do train 1-3 hours/day

I tend to relax Saturday and Sunday but might still have quite intense training if I had to skip a session during the week for practical reasons.

In the week ends I still maintain 15-30 min yoga and might still have a light jog or swim by the end of the day.

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